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    • Must They Have So Little Dignity?

      Published in Reince Priebus’ fall is a sad metaphor for Trump’s America. Must They Have So Little Dignity? Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon is considered one of the great political novels of the last century, but it is also very puzzling. Why does Rubashov, the loyal …Read More »
    • The Trump Era: No One Can Stay Above the Fray

      shed in Moyers & Company (link to article) Trump debases the country, and we will all have to get our hands dirty. Shape without form, shade without color, paralyzed force, gesture without motion. — T.S. ELIOT, THE HOLLOW MEN (1925) It has been six years since I last …Read More »
    • Hobby Lobby Meets Indiana Jones

      Published  July 7, 2017 in Washington Monthly ( link to article) How stolen art fuels Middle Eastern terrorism. By now, everyone has heard of Hobby Lobby and its founder, Dave Green. Green is a fake Christian who uses his business as a vehicle to bully women and generally …Read More »
    • Mitch McConnell’s Sinister Role in the Russian Hacks

      Published  June 28, 2017 in Washington Monthly ( link to article) With the normalization of Trump’s antics, it is unfortunately all too easy to overlook the sheer rottenness of Mitch McConnell. Gage Skidmore/Flickr Recently, I broached the “T” word (treason) with respect to Donald Trump’s actions. Strange and wonderful …Read More »
    • When Should We Use the ‘T’ Word?

      Published in Washington Monthly ( link to article) The mainstream media is skittish about invoking treason.  The presidency of Donald J. Trump, with its ludicrous inauguration crowd estimates, 4 AM tweets, and non-stop gaffes, is sometimes difficult for grownups to take seriously in any sort …Read More »
    • How the Chattering Class Bully-Worships Trump

      Published in Moyers & Company (link to article) ‘I, for One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords!’ How the Chattering Class Bully-Worships Trump Claiming the media doesn’t “get” Trump is just another sorry excuse for his dangerous disregard of truth and democracy. Newsman Kent Brockman welcomes …Read More »
    • The Media’s Latest Campaign to Normalize Trump

      Published in Washington Monthly ( link to article) After the Syria strikes, the press has mistakenly found new respect for Trump. One of the more annoying features of the most annoying presidential campaign in history was the mainstream media’s attempts to normalize candidate Donald Trump. …Read More »
    • Did Nunes Actually Recuse Himself?

       Published in Washington Monthly ( link to article) This morning we were greeted by the news that the chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Devin Nunes, finally agreed to step down from leading the committee’s investigation into evidence of Russian interference in …Read More »
    • Yes, There Is a Deep State—But Not the Right Wing’s Caricature

      Published in the on March 16, 2017  Link to article The heated controversy over the right wing’s characterization of Donald Trump’s chronic conflict with the U.S. intelligence community as the machinations of “the Deep State” has inevitably generated political pushback from more establishmentarian figures. Paul …Read More »
    • “Surprisingly Presidential”

      How the GOP became the party of affirmative action for chronic under-achievers. “The soft bigotry of low expectations.” In the last two decades, this has become a catch phrase among Republicans seeking to deceive the public into thinking that it is they, not the Democrats, …Read More »
    • The Deep State 2.0

      How President Trump’s fake populism bails out the 1 percent.   The prospect of four years of Donald J. Trump’s nonstop rants about imaginary conspiracies against his daughter, wholesale slander against the judicial branch and attacks on the press as enemies of the people has …Read More »
    • The Heat Is there a deep state or shadow government Feb. 27, 2017 on CGTN America